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Sea puppy

From: Farawayfishing
Date: 12/28/2018
Time: 1:11:58 PM


I very rarely visit Drumwagon although I used to very frequently. I sometimes pop in and read a few posts to see if there is any new news and dream about going fishing. When I logged on today (for the first time in a very long time) I saw that sea puppy had passed. I never knew him but always enjoyed his stories and would consider my self lucky to read them. I am very sad to see that he is gone and as strange as it sounds feel heart broken about it even though I never met him. I am curious if he ever wrote a book or if there is a collection of his stories anywhere? I hope his stories are never lost to time. Please excuse my ignorance on this topic, I know Iím not a regular here but do pop in from time to time.