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Re:Portsmouth Island vs Rest of CALO

From: Lead Slinger
Date: 2/7/2019
Time: 12:19:45 PM


The rangers carry banjos on PI, and if you try to argue with them, they will start making comments on your "purty mouth."

The skeeters are so bad on PI, they fornicate with crows. Ask yourself the last time you saw a crow on PI?

The fishing is great on PI. You can fill your cooler with skates and pinfish in no time.

The cabins are nicer on PI. Just be sure to bring plenty of $1's to tip the bellboys, maids and concierge.

Not as many people on PI, but they all crowd up on the south point. Invariably, someone will make the comment "This ain't Hatteras" and then someone else will do their best Mills Lane impersonation of "Let's get it on!" Those of us in the know will give 2-1 odds on Bubba.

From my experience, fishing trips on PI are nasty, brutish, and too short.