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Question of Dollars

From: justmo
Date: 2/8/2019
Time: 10:33:36 AM


All of us who visit CALO many, many times for many, many years all know how great the place is. But of all the people who visit (day trippers and anglers) who contributes the most funds to CALO? I feel like we all know the answer but I would love to see a breakdown on where the most money is generated from between the two. Cabin rental alone I would think is made of mostly anglers. Then any ice and fuel purchased from NPS, all be it most probably buy from Davis. If there is such a record someone point me to it. With a new (good) superintendent I wonder would he have more pull where the money goes (like screens, back road, etc.) with such info. How much does a day tripper spend. Think about it.
Just curious!!