Re:Open south end

From: islandlover
Date: 7/21/2020
Time: 4:01:32 PM


I have asked about the rules. These are what renters are given. I was also told that they had put identifiers on them, but I don't know how large they are.

We ask that renters please use proper driving etiquette when operating UTVs:

All drivers must show proper driving etiquette.
When there is an approaching vehicle, try to pull off when you come to a shoulder.
You must follow all instructions given to you before departing from the rental area.
All Kubotas are governed to an appropriate and safe speed. All vehicles must be kept in 4 wheel drive.
At no time will any vehicles be allowed in any areas where signs saying ” State Only Authorized Vehicles” are posted.
At no time are vehicles to go into the water, on any of the dunes, or on any vegetation.
When driving on the beach, please do not drive between trucks (campers) and the water.
Please respect the people fishing with lines.
When approaching a camper or truck, please slow down and watch for children playing.
All vehicles will be given a map to show closed off areas.
Please abide by all rules. IEFS would like to keep Cape Lookout National Seashore a safe and enjoyable place.