July 24-27 Island Report

From: devin
Date: 7/28/2020
Time: 10:43:17 AM


Fishing is good. Weather was great. Fun time. Not much on Friday. Got popup set up just south of 35. Heard they had just opened the point and north end prior to our arrival. Way to go park service for not keeping the point and north end closed any longer than required during this wildlife closure. Not much going on that I saw. Very few vehicles fishing though. Did a lot of riding thinking I would see Spanish. South beach closed at gun mounts. Did not take village road to jetty. Did see some Spanish late afternoon in front of camp and managed to catch just one. It was just one jumping every now and then. Nothing organized. There was bait in the water as very occasionally you would see them spray. Tried in front of camp that night for a little while and managed only small croakers. All you would want of them if you needed to catch something. Saturday we went north. Ran into Bill near the north rope. Good to see you again. Several good looking places to fish. Settled on one and it was on from first cast. Probally caught 25 black drum from 3-7 pounds over the next 3 hours. An occasional puppy drum too. The place we settled on was a high tide hole. From midtide thru high and again until halfway out there was plenty of of the water there. On the lower half of the tide you might could still catch them there but it would be a longer walk from truck and shade shelter as you would not want to drive your truck out any further to follow the tide in this spot.
Got back to Great Island Camp for shower around 6pm and neither wife on women's side or me on men's side had any hot water. Cold showers. Not idea but better than nothing. Sunday it was back up north. On the way we stopped to let park service know about hot water issue and to get an idea if to expect the same tonight. The guy did not know of issue but said he would report it to maintanence. To skip ahead, cold showers again on Sunday night!! What? Probally just a pilot light, come on guys.
On Sunday we went to same spot and fishing was even better. Same 25 or more black drum but a lot more puppys and some way over slot reds. Wife was blessed with the biggest drum of trip. Did not measure it but looking at pictures it was probably 36-37". Two biggest drum of trip, that one and another took both rods down at same time. What a blast on little fish outfits. Spanish again in front of camp that afternoon. Every fish we caught whole trip was on sand fleas except for the Spanish and one ribbon fish that hit metal.
Winds were southwesterly the whole time but strong enough that bugs were a non issue. Great trip for anytime but awesome trip for July.