Re:July 24-27 Island Report

From: devin
Date: 7/30/2020
Time: 8:07:46 AM


Popup is Clipper 896S. Nothing special about it but it works great for what we do. Two full size slide out beds makes it easy for me to come and go without waking her up every time. Cold AC is powered by 3500 watt generator. Generator will run for about 14 hours on tank of gas with AC on. I use the standard 4.80x12C tires that came on it. 90psi for those tires on highway. Very important that you let out as much air as you can get away with on those. I had 18 pounds in popup tires this trip and 22 in truck tires.
We have taken this setup to the north end and camped near the gun mounts one trip because of a wind. With care, luck and caution you can usually get where you want to be.
Hope this helps. devin