July 25-28 fishing report

From: Jeepjunkie
Date: 7/30/2020
Time: 8:17:50 AM


My trip was very similar to Devin's report. Went south on Sat and the water was like crystal on the west side of point. Saw spanish within cast range but I didn't have enough time to try for long before the turtle girls ran is off. Ramp 45 to the jetty was closed off and they were closing 45 to the dune line where the point opens up. We did manage a handful of seamullet before we left. It was so busy with people camping we decided to head north.

From the point all the way to the north ropes the island was flat. The only structure we saw worth a hoot was all the way north. Some people were parked at the ropes playing in the tidal pool and when they left we parked right at the ropes. I had my daughter with me so she started fishing right there at the ropes while I set up and soon had a black drum on the beach. I decided to just stay close to the ropes and we caught black drum through the day. All fish were caught from mid tide through low tide until mid tide on the rise. Landed a few black drum one 19.5" slot and a 26.5" slot that evening.

On Monday we had about the same luck minus keeper slots. Caught 2 undersized slots that went back in the suds to grow. All in all a great trip but make sure you take your patience pill. Dingbatters flying up and down the beach and several instances of them driving between people and the water. The north end was pretty empty so it was the peaceful island I know and love. Everything was caught on sandfleas the entire trip. You couldn't buy a bite with fresh shrimp.