Re:Morris Marina Closed For Good

From: Lead Slinger
Date: 7/31/2020
Time: 12:31:04 PM


Moving the cabins would be good - but it isn't something that will be done overnight. I'm sure there is more red tape than any of us care to think about, not to mention obtaining funding, and then actually doing the physical labor. How long until new cabins in a new location will be ready?

Dorian and COVID-19 delivered a 1-2 punch. Isaias isn't looking good. I hate "I" storms, and it's only July.

It has never been an easy business - but the last 2 years have been rough. Looking forward - with no firm committment from NPS that the cabins will be rebuilt, or a timeframe for when they will be built - it would be difficult to plan.

I hope MM can hold on, and PI returns to the way it used to be, but I'm worried. If MM folds, that will put even more pressure on South Core as the only viable alternative, and that isn't good for anybody.