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labor day weekend

From: hillbilly
Date: 9/10/2020
Time: 9:38:35 AM


stayed in cabin 15 from fri.9/4 - mon.9/7. I'll start by saying, a good bit of the park staff are the most opposite of personable. Seems to me like someone working in such a cool place would seem to enjoy life a little more. They, and the wildlife officers do 0, a big fat ZERO for any kind of rule enforcement. We got in the cabin at 2 on friday. they wouldn't even let us throw our kayaks and generators out at the cabin befor then. didn't want in, just set a few big things out of the way and out of the trucks. friday night rolls around, and about 11pm a nomadic morocnan village sets up right in front of cabins 14, 15, and 16. like 40 people, actual moroccans. tents within 20' of the no camping within 100 yards signs. We had to walk within 5' of a tent just to get to the beach. we talked to them, and they were nice people. spoke like 5 languages. flew an American flag and liked the USA. Said france was very racist, but were very surprised at how friendly the USA was, but didn't understand our media at all. Park staff and LEO passed their camp Lord only knows how many times and never said a word, that we saw. The camp was never moved. However, they did tell some friend of ours staying north of the cabins that they didn't like people driving tacomas or 4runners. they were driving both. they gave our group a rather rude talk about not breaking stuff or tearing the screens. Whatever...the cabin was in better shape after we left. fixed a screen, and cleaned better than that cabin had seen in years. They need to send some in the park staff up here to the smokies and have them take some notes on how not to be rear ends and still enforce the rules. Other than that, we met some real nice people while out and about. The older group in our group fished right in front of our cabin most of the time. caught some small blues and croaker. I casted metal probably 500 times saturday morning, with one GOOD hookup, that lasted about 20 seconds before it pulled free. that was about it. We went north on saturday evening, parked at the ropes and fished all the way to the point. i was using gotcha plugs and spanish candy with no luck. cut bait guys leap frogged each other up the beach till they found me at the point. strong outgoing current that had a beautiful murky/clear water line. caught some 13-14" flounder, some good spot, small croaker, and 1 whiting. talked to a couple on a boat that caught 5lb blues on cut in the inlet, and saw a mile wide section of ocean rolling with spanish, near the AR off shore from middle core. had a freezer full he said, and was catching them as fast as he could get a line back in the water. saw a couple catch a slot red right by the ropes on the way out. Went back the next morning, and found a strong incoming current at the point. Caught a small jack crevalle, and a bunch of grass. fished cut bait and some metal back down to the ropes. Caught a really nice 24.5" blue along the way. Made mine and my buddies trip. won him a little cash too. He pulled the hook right in the waters edge, so i jumped on fish. glad i kept all my fingers. Our senior group went to the north end mid day on sunday. They saw some red drum caught, slots and over. They only caught more croaker. Hooked something good, but pulled the hook. tried fishing in front of the cabins sunday evening, but they couldn't keep 6oz out. It was a good trip, first time for most of the group. friday and friday night were HOT and lots of flies. Saturday the wind turned and picked up to help cool it down some. Great trip and lots of laughs. wish there were more fish, but that's how it goes. Sand fleas a plenty right in front of the cabins. Had all we needed in no time at all. caught 4 keeper crab in my crab pot on the sound side back behind cabin 1. Sweetest crab i've ever had. didn't have energy or with cooperation to try any baiting for shrimp. maybe next time.