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Fishing this Weekend

From: 8rods
Date: 9/14/2020
Time: 11:31:27 AM


Went over on Thursday - a couple hour delay getting into the cabin so after unpacking and rigging up we just hung near the cabins. Friday there was zero wind so heat and bugs got us pretty good. Went North at low tide - water was lower than I have seen it - past the ropes there was very little unless you walked out really far. We tried it for awhile and then starting moving to try and find better water. Looked better as we got closer about halfway to the cabins, so threw the lines in again - got some blues and biggest croakers I have seen in years. Saturday was a tale of two cities - wind was blowing 20-25. Both days the current was tough - I couldn't hold with a 6 and the ladies I was fishing with did not have the gear to throw more than a 5 - they stuck with 3 or 4 short casting which worked well for them. Grass was also an issue. Only place to get out of the wind was the jetty side of the point. With the closure still up, you had to go through the village to get there. NPS had it marked which I had not seen before. Beautiful water over there and you could throw a 2 oz or egg sinker and hold. Caught my first False Albacore off the surf - wasn't really fishing for it and the fish hit my little 7ft Shimano - that was a load of fun. Stripping line and the drag set perfect. We caught more blues and near citation size pompano. I had to google how to clean those. Water starting rising towards the dunes so we left - it appears that ramp could get closed out with high tide. One thing - when we got there and tide was still low - you could see structure out from the ramp. I think it was the old gun mounts I last saw years ago. Maybe the ocean has changed that much with the storms, but it was cool to see. The structure quickly got covered by the waves shortly after we arrived. Saw 1 flounder at the cleaning table which is what I was fishing for on some of my rods. Did see a guy catch a couple of puppies at the old dock near cabin 1. He was fishing with live finger mullet he was cast netting for - made all the difference as I came up notta with cut bait. Even with the weather extremes - beautiful trip and a tremendous fish dinner.