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Re:Fishing Rigs

From: Redfish
Date: 9/17/2020
Time: 9:03:09 AM


We fish carolina rigs for drum. Usually a 7/0 circle hook with 80lb floro carbon leader with weight on slide. Use cut mullet as bait, pretty reliable if you find the fish.

For pan fish (whiting, croker, anything that bites it) we use a drop bottom rig with weight at bottom, mono instead of steal, two or three hook set up. Shrimp, sandfleas, and bloodworms.

For trout, red led heads usually 3/8 or larger depending where the fish are located. 3" or 4" white shrimp powerbait fished on light duty rod and 3 series reel. Use mirror lures as well for larger troute. Usually use a sinking shad (MR32 I think) in the surf and suspension/floaters on the back water around jetty.

Flounder, dont waste time since we can't keep, but a traditional flounder rig using live finger mullet hooked through lips. Sometimes a double rig. Using a slow retrieve.

Only use spoons and sting silvers for blues (fun, not food) and spanish in summer which are generally hard to reach distance wise.

There are a million other set ups and options. I find location on the island is a huge factor, knowing what holes/structure you need for the fish you want. For example, Large drum are rarely with pan fish, more likely to find them with large rays and sharks in strong currents such as point. Trout want clear water and often times can be seen in waves with polarized glasses. Whiting will be sitting shallow in the suds or in a whole.