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The accident occurred on Saturday (6/22/02). 
Here's the blurb from the local paper. Be careful out there! Jack

Man dies in ATV accident Saturday on Core Banks

CORE BANKS - Woodrow Ross “Woody” O’Dell Jr., 29, of Graham, died Saturday when the four-wheel ATV he was driving flipped and landed on top of him on Core Banks at Cape Lookout National Seashore. Park Service Chief Ranger Wouter Ketel said Mr. O’Dell was among a group staying at the Alger Willis Fish Camp over the weekend. Most of the group had headed out Saturday around dusk to fish at Drum Inlet. Mr. O’Dell and David Gasiewicz of Wake Forest followed a little later on ATVs. “David was slightly ahead, and as he crossed the trenches in the sand, he looked back and saw Woody’s ATV flip upside down and land on top of him,” Mr. Ketel said. Mr. O’Dell suffered severe head and chest injuries. Mr. Gasiewicz began CPR and sent a companion back to the camp for help. A Marine Corps search-and-rescue helicopter from Cherry Point was called around 8:30 p.m. and arrived at 9:20 p.m., Mr. Ketel said. An employee from the fish camp also arrived to assist. Mr. O’Dell was pronounced dead on arrival at Carteret General Hospital, Mr. Ketel said. A preliminary investigation indicated that alcohol was not involved in the accident. Mr. Ketel said that although it was still relatively light at the time of the accident, the setting sun made it difficult to see. “It was a real unfortunate situation,” he said.

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