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Hurricane Ophelia - September 14-15, 2005
Cape Lookout - Core Banks South

National Park Service closed the Island on 9/10/05 as Ophelia lumbered up the East Coast all week changing from Tropical Storm to Hurricane and back again several times... It finally swiped the outer banks doing a good deal of damage to Atlantic Beach, Topsail, and others.  It stayed over Davis and Cape Lookout for almost 16 hours!! Wind gusts to 96 mph were reported! Damage could have been much worse -- a lot of folks in Davis are still rebuilding from Isabel in 2003!!

These pictures were graciously provided by "Beach House" & "Nightrider" (taken on 9/16)

Stacy Freewill Baptist Church
  Still Standing!!

Jack made a trip over with GICFS on 9/17..........


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