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This one has two stories -- thought it good to get both perspectives!!
Pictures were provided by Michael Fisher.

April 2004
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    I hate to admit it, but that is my 89 K-5 blazer that someone took pictures of in the water. The story to that is I let my good friend borrow the vehicle to go over and I was going to meet him and some others the next day. Well on the way over Waldo told me the exciting news that has happened. It took all weekend and some beer but she was coming off that island. The sand was level from the dash to the bench seat in the back. It blew flames a few times but that was not going to stop us from somehow getting it off the island without a wrecker. When she started then we were off. The blazer was about a mile on the other side of the lighthouse. Drove it onto the ferry, and after that it had its last life. I just thought that you would like to know what happened besides it just being  in the water. If you have any other pictures of it please email them to me.



Tom: here is the story (as I know it) about the Michael Fisher photos of the K5 Blazer in the ocean (Michael nor any other members of his party were involved). 5 of us hit the island on Thursday pm April 15th with the Blazer and another vehicle, and 4 more were to join us Friday the 16th (including the owner of the Blazer). We set up camp at MM37, fished there through the pm with some success (mullets & trout). After dark we cooked some ribs and pork chops, had a slug or 2 plus a few cool ones and told a few stories. Sometime during the evening 2 went down to the beach and fished. After an hour or so me and another went down to see how they were doing. They decided to ride south and fish near the lighthouse. I decided to stay at camp, so the 3 of them took off down the beach in the K5 with 12 rods and reels in the front rack along with all of our shrimp (over 20 lbs.) and the fish caught earlier in the pm.

They parked below the high tide line at about MM41 or 42 with the tide rising and the K5 pointed at the south end. The driver stayed in the truck, the other 2 fished for awhile. The fishermen got back in the truck and woke the driver up who, instead of backing up to turn around or circling to the right, circled to the left (forgetting the rising
tide) and promptly drove it into the ocean!

The engine shut down but the ocean didn't. They were able to rescue 10 of the 12 rods and reels (which were no longer usable the rest of the trip) from the front rack, and the fish/shrimp cooler, but the fish and over 20 lbs of shrimp were by now chumming up the water in that area.

They woke up a kind gentleman named Tom from Winston-Salem who drove them to our camp to change clothes and wake me and my daughter (mullet
queen) up. We all returned to the "site" with our other truck but were unable to rescue the K5 with the tide rising, so we watched the sun rise while the waves broke over the truck. Tom fished the chummed-up waters but had no luck. We picked up the other 4 members of our party later in the morning, yanked the blazer out around noon at low tide, got it to fire a little bit the next day, wound up towing it to ferry dock and got it off the island on Sunday. In spite of the trouble, we had a really good trip, caught a lot of big mullets and trout at MM37 Fri. pm the 16th and Sat. the 17th(thank goodness the 4 late arrivals had enough rods and reels so we could all fish!). I learned a lot on that trip, but probably the thing that was most reinforced was that most people (particularly those that go to the island) are good, well-intentioned people because everyone that came by offered if not help, at least condolences. Thanks to all, and guess who will be first in line to help the next time someone is in trouble! Well, that's my story about the K5 Blazer/Boat. I know it's rather wordy so feel free to edit it as you see fit. (Tom: I wouldn't change a thing!)

call me:


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submitted by Michael Clark

August 2000
Complete with Story!! 
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June 1999 

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June 1999 (busy month)

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September 1999 (after Dennis)

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Here's another bad, bad truck...... Extreme high tides at South End caught this one sleeping....
(Submitted by the Proud Owner)

These were taken right after Bertha hit.... July 1996

BERTHA1.JPG (30016 bytes)BERTHA2.JPG (23455 bytes)

....Just to show ya how fast it can sneak up on ya!!!

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