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This is the way it was at the 
Annual Thanksgiving at Cape Lookout Dinner 1999!  
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1st in line....
1st to dine?
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Mvc-429f.jpg (70607 bytes)
Mvc-430f.jpg (63742 bytes)
... and more Food!
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More deserts than they could fit on two tables!
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Now we sit back and wait for the Show!
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What a crowd!
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Parking didn't seem to be a problem.....
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DW ready for the show, too.
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Our Host/Hostess!
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Quiet.... Band's comin' on stage.
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Mvc-446f.jpg (76824 bytes) Mvc-447f.jpg (52983 bytes) Mvc-448f.jpg (54484 bytes)
Host & Hostess -- Johnny and Barbara Cook!!
Mvc-449f.jpg (77586 bytes)
Even had dancing - on stage!
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Part of the DW Crew...
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Thanksgiving with Friends, Family, and More!!
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The Band!
Larry Simmons - Guitar
Rick Huffman - Guitar
Randy Hobbs - Mandolin
Danny Gabriel - Bass
Mvc-454f.jpg (24553 bytes)
EVEN THE GULLS could smell the great food!


Updated 11/28/99
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