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Just a few shots of the Island's tallest structure!

.....was going through your pics page of the lighthouse and thought you might like this one....i was over there last year when they painted it.....
it was only like this for one day....kinda strange lookin' ain't it.....
the seahag
Thanks for all the contributions!!

Keep 'em coming.

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Though you might like to add this photo to the lighthouse page.  
Itís taken from the turnaround at the Coast Guard Dock 9/18/04. 


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I took this picture one afternoon April '04 
on the way back from the point. 
Caught several nice bluefish and a sunset. 
Thought you might like this pic.
Barry Graham
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Nice view of the lighthouse and caretakers cabin from the back road.
 Another view of lighthouse and caretakers cabin from the dock
Somehow the sea oats make this picture of the lighthouse more
Steven Vallad from Pinehurst (10/19 - 10/25/2002)
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thought this was a good pic for your site. 
thanks JOE (Watson from Pineville)  10/18/2002.
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Beth Hubbartt -- Labor Day 2002
Hi Resolution!
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Beth Hubbartt -- Labor Day 2002
Hi Resolution!

Here's a comparison of the "old" (10+ years) to the new. 
(kinda like the 'before & after' shots?)

Here's one that should'a been a postcard! Taken from the dock....

.... Other side, from the back-road!

Couldn't pass this beauty up! This shot is available only once a day.... (duh....)

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