Drumwagon Picture Page!

Here's some pics........Click the Pic to View Full Size!!
...Some scans of our family and friends (just because you don't see a pic of you doesn't mean you're not our friend)!

marvin1.jpg (55964 bytes)
A great friend lost to us all in 1997!
Click for his memorial page.
bufet4u.jpg (21175 bytes)
Now this is the way to chow down on the beach! (4th of July 1996 -- Glenn & Dawn Green)
fishdanc.jpg (10533 bytes)
Jack is passing on the great tradition of "Dancing with Fishes" to his grandaughter... (she's a real quick study!)
babyfish.jpg (15754 bytes)
"Hey, that dancing really does work -- they just jump out of the water for me!!"
tinkyell.jpg (10126 bytes)
"Hey Jack, are they bitin' yet?" (Grandaughter Tinsley)
party4th.jpg (155037 bytes)
More 4th of July '96 partying!
pinkhat.jpg (34388 bytes)
How in the heck are ya' gonna catch a fish in that pink hat Jack?!
billwho.jpg (44763 bytes)
Here's Bill Harris speaking at Drum Tournament-- "Hey Jack, take that hat off so I can see my audience!"
pitgrade.jpg (119055 bytes)
Pitt knows the best way to get around the island, but the fuel bill is a killer!!
tomboat.jpg (21070 bytes)
...Had to have one, didn't ya...
bluewhat.jpg (33214 bytes)
One of the more interesting vehicles on the beach -- "Blue Nirvana!"

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