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April 2003

Had a good week working on cabins and doing 
some fishing on Davis Island this past week...
Happened to catch these guys & gulls coming in to feed. 
Mike Laughlin

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Nice view looking south down the beach. "Look ma they aren't bumper to bumper fighting each other for a spot....your thinking about other fishing beaches son."
Here's nice sunrise shots. Hard to believe there're people out there who don't believe in God with majestic views like this.
Front moving in promising great fishing after it moves out.
  And it was great.  Unfortunately the week ended too soon.
Steven Vallad of Pinehurst.


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Here's a new trick?!
Brad Atwell (a Wooden Stair builder) built this rig out of his scraps, etc. (and a few antiques.....)  It's even got it's own license plate!
They had a little trouble on the backroad, but after setting it up on the beach (just south of the Camp) and doing a little work they decided it wasn't right unless it was sittin' at the South Point! (Of course they had to wait on the second truck to pull it, too!)

All the comforts of home! .... and pretty stylish for a beach whatever!
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These were taken on Saturday before Labor Day, 2002! Never so beautiful!
Taken by Beth Hubbartt.
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You have to be there many times to see a few like this!
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Pic I made Easter morning 2001 -- It's my brother Leonard Barefoot in front of cabin 3. I do have more and plan to make plenty this summer, James Barefoot.
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The Jetty on the South End!! (Submitted by the Barringers)

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4th of July '96 party -- Bandstand (that's why the DWII comes with its own dance floor!)
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Kinda gives you a new perspective, doesn't it?
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The Captain Alger Ferry! (See more about it on the AWFC Pages!)
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This critter looks lost!
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Back to the water?
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It hissed at the person behind the camera!!
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Countdown Begins........ These 4 pics show the destruction of a cabin on the southern end of the Island several years ago
(Military Performed.)
blast3.jpg (22439 bytes)
..... On Zero!!!
blast2.jpg (23422 bytes)
Nuked It!!!!!
blast1.jpg (24881 bytes)
....... Ashes to Ashes..... Dust is left!
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The Jetty on the South End!! (Submitted by the Barringers)

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