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Re:time lapse view of the island

From: Tiderunner
Date: 2/22/2021
Time: 4:44:00 PM


Yes, the telegraph poles ran from Life Saving station to station and where how they communicated. Built Originally down the middle of the islands. They had been cut down at the top of "ground level" when they were no longer needed. As the beach moved west they became in the water at times. Then as the water took the beach they showed back up about 3 feet tall as they were first "Planted" down 5'. First time I went to South Core. Captain Alger told me to go to the third pole south of New Drum Inlet to fish. It was a beautiful deep slew there that ran down from the inlet and stopped making a great place to catch fish.
This is why it burns my butt that anyone can get flood insurance if they build anywhere near the high tide line. Since the White man came to the Outer Banks, the islands have been moving Westward and although he may plant sea oats, sand bags or jetties, the beach will always be moving.