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Just wondering

From: Junior
Date: 2/23/2021
Time: 5:10:42 PM



It’s a nice day today and I am wondering if others experience some of the below “issues” right now.

1. Wondering at night I just how to rig your truck for the upcoming season. Hours sometimes.
2. If you need to upgrade anything. From hooks to new tents. It can be many things.
3. Watching any thing Cape Lookout on YouTube.
4. New waders this year?
5. Where can I go local to get in a few practice casts.
6. Should I run a duel battery this year in my truck?
7. What to put on the camp meal list this year.
8. What will be the first date I can go this year.
9. What I need for a long stay on the island in November/December.
10. Bait.....ohhhhhh my gosh

Just trying to figure out a few issues today. Would like to hear what you folks did to resolve any of the above.