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Re:Just wondering

From: Junior
Date: 2/26/2021
Time: 6:31:32 PM


I catch most of my drums in rough surf conditions. Thus I would think a egg sinker could roll more than other shapes. That said, that might not be all bad. A moving bait would cover more territory. That is good I think but if you have a crowd around you that might not be such a good thing.

I fish the lupton style rigs but others in my group fish the double dropper rig. I catch a few more than most but that can change at any time.

One time fishing the Corolla beach right at the NC/VA state line that beach at dead low tide revealed numerous small dips or holes in the beach. You could feel when your bait fell into one of the holes it was fish on time. Fishing with braid made it easy to tell when the bait fell into a hole. I fished this with one of my trout rods which made it so much fun.

Got my orv permit from Harkers Island today....yeah...

Stopping for lunch at the Ruddy Duck restaurant was a nice byproduct of getting the permit.