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Re:Spring Reds?

From: Junior
Date: 3/1/2021
Time: 11:20:04 AM


If I could answer that question with complete confidence then I should think about becoming a full time guide. There are big reds caught in the spring all along the islands.

Right tide, right time, right water conditions etc....

The same for HI...

The main difference I think is there is not a famous tackle shop posting daily (hourly updates) on the web for Lookout as is the case for HI. Or that there are 50 trucks at HI all with cell phones as on Lookout there are usually a few. And my cellphone does NOT work. Lol

Points where currents meet are great places to pitch baits.

There was a nice puppy bite at ramp 55 the past few days. A nice warm couple of days will do that.

Both are great places to fish but are very different in many ways.

All that canít catch them sitting here posting.

Going East soon....