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Re:Summer Flounder Season

From: Tiderunner
Date: 3/2/2021
Time: 8:38:51 PM


Thanks for Posting Justmo; now if you don't call the authorities don't bitch about the lack of fish! This Shit has gone on way too long! We pay for a "recreational fishing License" (tax) that allows us to catch what the commercial guys leave behind.
No wonder people cheat when they can finally catch a fish or Two.
"This decision almost surely guarantees that recreational anglers will have a one-fish bag limit in a 45-day season when the new FMP is approved later this year."
What BS: now do wonder people are storming the capital !
20 years ago we were told the Drum were overfished and we needed to keep only one, but anyone who fishes the NC waters knows they have recovered and we should now be able to keep at least 2 ! while the commercial guys get hundreds of #s.
But what really burns my butt is that we were told that the "recreational fishing license" would give us an equal say in the MFC . What BS that is ,, nothing but another tax hiding in the name !