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Re:Summer Flounder Season

From: 100%percentfedupdotcom
Date: 3/3/2021
Time: 10:12:41 AM


Everyday I read something that is bad then the next day it seems I read something even worse.
This country is going from freedom to socialist to communist fast, you can believe it or not. Remember what Nikita Khrushchev told Ezra Taft Benson, link below.
When a government can take an election away from the voters = communism, I agree no wonder they stormed the capital.
They could have least picked someone that was not senile, this person is not capable of even a press conference much less a state of the union address.
Same thing happening with your fishing regulations, your officials won't even consider or listen what the recreational people had to say = communism
Look at the big tech companies censoring your free speech = communism
Take a look at the gun bills they are trying to pass like H R 127 trying to disarm Americans or make it so hard to even own a gun= communism

Now this morning I read, guess who Locks ICE Law enforcement out of a Twitter Account “Halting ALL Public Safety Alerts on Illegal Migrants in the U.S. with Criminal Backgrounds”
I will say to if you don't speak up and raise cane to your elected officials over your issues, call them, email them, write letters to them, your not only going to lose your fishing regulations, your going to lose your country.

Check this Link: