Re:Question For Junior

From: Junior
Date: 3/26/2021
Time: 7:16:39 AM


Fished the northern island. I like the remoteness and feel of the island due to the cabins being shut down. Thus the EPIC comments. Those who go over understand that and by any means was not a bragging thing. Heck l normally do not post results but this was a solo trip and there was not a lot of seagulls to talk to while on island. Just 2 trucks fishing the entire island. Great fellows in the other truck and they outfished me.

It was a great class of fish. Released them all back to grow. No certain pattern,tide, or time of day. Just a steady day long bite. All caught on cut mullet with a little menhadden gel added. It did seem like there where more bites within a few minutes of casting than baits that soaked for a while. When you catch a drum on your first cast before you can get a second rod put out you could be set for a good trip.

Sent Tom a few pics last night. Hope to get to the southern island soon.