Re:How do you heat the back of your truck ?

From: Tiderunner
Date: 3/28/2021
Time: 10:13:03 AM


I would tell your buddy to Man Up and get a good sleeping bag or risk Dying. The only possibility is a catalytic heater.
But in the back of a pick up this will kill you unless you leave a window open and then the cold air comes in and that defeats the purpose.

This on the Web: "Catalytic heaters consume oxygen. If they are used in a small space thatís completely sealed up from the outdoor elements, the occupants inside can asphyxiate due to lack of oxygen.

The lesson here: Always provide for additional oxygen to enter the space inside your RV whenever youíre using a catalytic heater.

"Fortunately, today many catalytic heaters are manufactured with low oxygen sensors ó so when the oxygen level drops below a certain level, the flow of propane is shut off and the heater extinguishes itself. Make sure that your catalytic heater has this low oxygen sensor, since not all catalytic heaters are equipped with this form of protection."

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