Island conditions from March 27-30

From: just fish rh
Date: 3/31/2021
Time: 9:58:49 AM


I never got to the North point only the south point and jetties. SOUTH POINT=The end of the point is not very deep and is not producing the drum yet. Only fishable at high tide. Water drops out pretty fast then leaves nearly 200-300 yards of flat sand bar over 100 or more yards. Ocean side the flat sand bar stretches 50-75 yards. Only fishing ocean side is about 500 yards before the end of the point. This time of year the shellers will be walking that long stretch of sand bars and getting shells. They and their kids were having a great time. At low tide that other island does not look very far away. Getting to the jetty you best wait for low tide . We decided to go about 3 hours after high tide and that skinny part was barely driveable. A heavy vehicle with camper top just might crash that skinny ledge and drop into the surf. Got to go will post a fishing report later.