fishing report March 27-30

From: just fish rh
Date: 3/31/2021
Time: 1:23:51 PM


4 of us caught the 11:00 ferry over on 3/27. Since we could not enter cabins until 2 we tried fishing near the buoy near I guess ramp 35-36 ? ? They have not posted ramp markers that got destroyed last year with the last hurricane. We had been told that 2 days ago that spot produced drum. Grass was so thick that we just wasted time and bait until we could occupy the cabin.Went to the south point and fished there until 9:30 pm. The end of the point no fish were caught. It gets too shallow. A deep hole ,trough, just to the left on ocean side with a submerged sand bar about 50-75 yards on out produced 7 blues 3 whiting 1 19 inch black drum and 1 ray.No puppies.Grass prohibited decent fishing. Sunday,March 28 we went straight to the south point Not much happening Grass was so thick that we gave up who caught the big drum category and started a category " who could reel in the longest grass ball " We even started measuring just to have some fun. We decided to head to the jetty about 3 hours after high tide.We heard they were catching nice black drum there.It was really Scary driving at that skinny spot with high bank.I advise any with heavy vehicle and camper tops to wait until low tide.There was a group who had been camping at the jetties and had great spots where they could cast right up against the rocks and they were slaying the keeper black drum and sheep head. If you could not reach the rocks, you were out of luck. That became the ray and skate hole.10 rays/skates but after catching only grass at the south point, that was better than nothing. At dead low tide we were able to cast closer to the rocks and it produced a 23 inch black drum a throw back flounder. We headed back to the South point and the grass was still there but not as bad.Just at dark on the left ocean side of the point 2 puppy drum ,24 and 27 1/2 ,were caught but only if you cast just beyond the trough and put it on the sand bar just beyond at high tide. Casting too far produced nothing.Nothing else and we left around 9. Monday,March 30. Headed straight to the point and got there about 30 minutes before high tide. First cast produced a 28 inch drum.and a few blues later.Water dropped out from the point quickly making it too shallow to fish. A sand bar stretches far out on the end of the point and water beyond that is too shallow.Shark Island doesn't look too far away. No use heading to the jetties because we knew those camping had the best spots casting against those rocks. Lots of waiting,sleeping and drinking a few beers until the tide came back in just at dark. Then 2 of us gave up fishing that spot just to the left of the point and walked down the beach ocean side about 500 yards where it was deeper and caught 2 drum 24-26 inches 6 or 7 nice size blues from 15- 20 inches. Then the sharks came in every cast. Rod would bend down and then go slack and you lost your rig. Fish left that spot and after about 5-6 shark tail whips cutting our rigs. We said, this is getting too expensive with the cost of lead sky high and we left around 9. STATS: 18 blues,5 puppy drum,3 whiting,2 black drum,2 flounder,1 puffer. A great sunset Monday and beautiful full moon rising over the ocean Sunday and Monday that was big and orange. Thank God for creating such a magical and beautiful place. Paradise found even if fishing isn't great.Coming back may 1st. can't wait.Thanks to Annette, Lanier and Mitch for taking great care of us getting us over and back and Laniers' fishing tips.Those new to this site contact Davis Shore Ferry (252-729-3474)for great service. You run out of anything ,call Annette and you will have it on the next ferry over. Great folks.Been using them for 21 years.