stand proud ORV Permit BOSS

From: FishPunk
Date: 4/1/2021
Time: 4:09:36 PM


ORV permits- I am glad I don’t have to stand up to the people of NC and say this is the best we can do.

First thing you get, Would like to take survey? Yes
Search Great Island ORV permit. Nope blank screen appears, sorry.
No you can’t use internet Explore. Cape Hatteras ORV link works not Lookouts. You stand on your head and dance or pick another browser.
Now your password is locked for 30 minutes.
You got new mail, your accounts been locked. You praised the job Les and Sally did effectively on your survey. Magic login PRESS IT and it takes you right back to explorer.
Copy explorer link, open a different browser, paste the link, open, put in password.
Search Great Island ORV permit, nope its Cape Lookout ORV permit. This must be a different place than the Great Island Camp.
Select Cape Lookout ORV and they want all vehicle details and your phone number. Like I would answer it on the island! Hold your breath on that one
Check out, no chance to print conformation. You get an email order of receipt with directions. This is not your permit. You will get a separate email.
New email, this Your reservation confirmation. Try and print it off. The MARGINES are to big………….. Can I fix it, dam right but this is someone else’s pet monkey.
So you read it to the bottom and it states

“Getting Here Permit Issue Station:
Online Only
ORV permits must be purchased prior to arriving on the islands. Present the printed ORV permit from and an ORV decal will be issued at either:
The Harkers Island Visitor Center at 131 Charles St., Harkers Island, NC 28531
Great Island Cabin Camp Office across from the town of Davis, NC upon arrival via one of the vehicle ferries.”

Now I’m hearing you get a permit only if an officer interrupts your beach activity, for a printed off confirmation number that he has to call in and confirm.