21 years

From: Threegals
Date: 4/19/2021
Time: 1:18:53 PM


Wednesday, 3 of us head over to start another season. As the years stack up, the shoulders scream from pain, and the back no longer bends, I always wonder if this is the last? Over the years, as we have crossed the sound headed home, I always ask - one more trip, one more moment, one more sun set, one more memory, from the beloved island. Fortunately, I have visited this place of solitude, beauty, and rejuvenation for 21 years. Whilst, all along, I find it amusing that I remember the warmth of the sun, the smell of percolated coffee, and the laughter of friends more so than the fish.
And - to know - I get one more cast, one more trip , and that makes me content in life - for awhile.