Re:21 years

From: Blackbeard
Date: 4/19/2021
Time: 11:50:36 PM


Reading your post makes my heart flutter! It's been 25+ years for me! And our group is getting older and it makes you wonder how many more years will we be come to enjoy one of God's most beautiful creations? I, myself, am 60 and we have some guys in their 70's. Each year we talk about how long we have been coming over and what adjustments need to be made the next year because of our age. One thing is for sure, speaking for myself, I will come here for as long as my old body can take it! My heart breaks thinking about someone in our group passing or just not able to make the trip! May God Bless each and every one you and may his hand be on each and every cast!! Tightlines!!! Blackbeard