What's Your Go-To Whiting Rod?

From: WarthogSC
Date: 4/21/2021
Time: 1:28:44 PM


The season is cranking up and I'm curious as to what your go-to sea mullet rod is--brand, length, rating. When I first started fishing I had the foolish notion that bigger was better but as I'm getting older I'm not so much interested in bigger but better tasting. Now, what that has led to is going smaller and much more readable yet able to fight something bigger if it hooks up. It seems to me that its a delicate dance. I was on the south tip in July 2017 and was having a good day catching sea mullet in the hook on the ocean side on the outgoing tide. In the process, a large skate took a flea, swallowed it deep into his gut (as it turned out) I ended up literally breaking a light duty rod to get that devil in...not one of my finer moments as a surf fisherman as I missed-timed the drawback of the water in-close. Readability and backbone--Terry Carrol, the owner of Zziplex