Re:What's Your Go-To Whiting Rod?

From: hillbilly
Date: 4/22/2021
Time: 7:53:04 AM


which ever one is getting bites!!!

I've been upgrading my surf gear over the last few years. slowly buying new stuff to get rid of the old stuff that just got me by. I now have 2 tica dolphin rods. both fast 9', but one is med 1/2-3 oz lure slinger. I'll be able to fish for pomp and mullet in calmer water with it, throwing 2oz and fleas or shrimp. The other is a med/hvy 2-6 oz. It was sent instead of the med, so i made them send me the right one. I'm supposed to send it back, but i think i might just keep it. It'll take an old daiwa for now, but i'll have to get a new reel for it in the near future. I'm really excited for both new rods. that 9' med fast should sling a 1oz spanish candy out to the smac zone. I had a 8-10 lbs, spanish or albie was my guess, break me off at masonboro inlet early one morning last year. prompted me to quickly upgrade my lure casting setup. Also, braided line is my choice for whiting\pomp setup. i really love the sensitivity.