Fishing report

From: Fishbone
Date: 4/24/2021
Time: 11:26:33 AM


Went over sun 18th on ten o’clock ferry. Had to wait until two to get in cabin. Got our rods ready fished in front of cabins and caught a couple. Got in cabin and un packed. Went a couple miles north...found a hole. Caught around twenty whiting. Monday went south around three miles and caught whiting, puffers, trout, a couple of two pound sheepshead....lost a big drum in the suds. Tuesday about the same. Wednesday...wind, only caught a couple, back to cabin, cooked fish and beverages. Thursday, went back south, caught 95 whiting and trout, Biggest whiting 2 pound. Came off Friday. Great trip with three old friends. Our youngest is 68 oldest 77 and we used to be the kids.