Re:Fathers Day weather

From: uturn
Date: 4/24/2021
Time: 9:17:56 PM


Hey Foxtrapper - Expect lots of heat, humidity, flies and a great time! It is still an awesome place despite all these things for Fatherís Day. This will be my 4th year going at Fatherís Day. Weíve been going for over a decade but now Fatherís Day is my tradition. I have four boys and a father in his 70ís. We normally have success catching a few whiting, pompano and the occasional Spanish while casting from the shore. We always try to make to to the point and spend time in the water cooling off. The point is a great place to hang out in water at low tide. We also spent time every day clamming on the sound side. You canít beat a fresh steamed clam. Our biggest trick is to bring lots of box fans. We normally bring 5 and hang several in the air with string to get airflow going in every direction. We run them on high all night long. With the windows down this keeps you cool and helps keep the noseeums at bay from coming thru the screens. I donít think we could survive without all the fans. Canít wait to go in 2 months!