Re:heaver question

From: Threegals
Date: 4/25/2021
Time: 7:48:37 AM


Just my opinion (or when I was young an could reach the bar)

1. Learn the pendulum casting method.
2. If using mono, I stick with 20 lb reel line, 40 lb shock leader, 80 lb line leader on my drum outfits. If using braid, bring your wallet.
3. After you learn your skill, think about upgrading the bearings,
4. Keep a clean reel,
5. NO grease or oil on brake blocks. On bearings, or if you use a level wind, on the worm and pawl, if you believe in oil, use the light oil - reelX or hot sauce, or similar, never grease.
6. ALWAYS, ALWAYS! loosen up your shoulders, back, and reel before trying to reach the bar. Start out(before baiting) with some easy cast, checking line lay on your reel and the condition of your physical body. Old stiff joints canít give you the smooth fluid motion needed for a perfect cast time after time like a loose warmed up back and shoulders.
7. Learn the slim beauty, no name, or similar knots to tie the shock leader to the reel line. Nothing hurts your feelings and pocketbook as bad as the knot not moving through your reel guides or catching on one.
8. Learn and use the mag feature or brake control knob on non-mag reels
9. Remember itís more rod and your cast than it is the reel.
10. Practice, a bunch, I firmly believe in muscle memory and not a step by step procedure with casting. You can not think about about it, it needs to just happen when you pull the trigger.

Again, my opinion after years and years of this stuff