4/21-4/23 fish report

From: just fish rh
Date: 4/25/2021
Time: 11:08:11 AM


3 of us tent camped near the South point. Wednesday was slow fishing . 6 small flounder and 1 25 inch drum.Wednesday night the wind blew steady at 25 mph and gusted 35-40 mph. Sand was blowing in the tent and we got little sleep.Three Gals decides to fly his Scottish flags that he hasn't flown in years. It brings him luck Thursday morning. We were going to head North,get a shower ,ice and hopefully find better fishing. Around ramp 35 or 36 we saw pelicans diving about 150 yards off shore. We got out our big rods to try and heave it out with cut bait. Nothing. Birds continued diving in the same area but we could not reach them. Three Gals said I am going light, there are fish in there. He got his mullet rod with shrimp and small hooks and began catching nice size mullet with every cast.We put the big rods up and started edging closer to him. Pretty soon all of us were catching mullet every cast , even many doubles. Gray trout were mixed in with the mullet. We kept 2 keepers.We filled our cooler to the point it barely closed. We didn't want to be too greedy so we left fish biting and went to the cleaning station with 61 mullet and 2 trout and a few croakers. We decided to target drum and went north and fished a high bank and deep trough with a bar . A few mullet and blues then the big citation drum gets on the guys rod who is making his 3rd trip. He gets it in the suds and it breaks his line in the waves. We were all broken hearted. Friday was another slow day near the south point.The best part of the trip was the fellowship we shared around the propane fire pit telling fish stories and telling all the foolish and dangerous trips Three Gals and I had when we fished for stripers behind and below the Wateree dam at Lugoff.We have fished and hunted together for 43 years. Some of the best times of my life.Him turning me on to this magical place has been best.Coming back Saturday thru Tuesday. If you see the St Andrews and Rampant Lion flags flying , stop by and say hello. Three Gals can talk reels or rod building and offer suggestions.Ended catching a total of 88-90 fish in two and a half days.