Re:heaver question

From: WarthogSC
Date: 4/27/2021
Time: 8:46:24 AM


I agree with all that Threegals has said. I used to do a fair amount of distance casting before a chronic health condition put an end to it. One thing I suggest you give serious consideration to is purchasing a custom rod blank and having a builder construct the rod specifically to your body measurements--ie. arm length in particular. The length of the butt and the distance of the reel seat from the distal end of the butt are both important. I don't mean to knock the Penn rod you bought but over the years I've thrown a fair amount of what I call "store bought" rods and they just don't produce the horsepower that custom blank materials bring to the table. I owned a Penn 12 foot heaver for a lot of years but was never able to really be aggressive with that rod using a full-pendulum casting technique. In fact, I cracked the tip half of the blank once wheen hossing it and had to order a replacement. You'll need to come off the hip with some bucks to buy a custom blank but in the long run you won't be disappointed. Century, Conoflex, and Zziplex all produce fine blanks. I personally prefer Zziplex. Like Threegals said, the reel is not the most important component. I believe the rod is the most important component, hands down. Technique is obviously critical and practicing it until your muscle memory and timing are nailed into your brain is a must, especially if you plan on heaving at night around other fishermen. Everyone doesn't buy the idea that distance matters. In my opinion, it does. I didn't spend virtually 18 years of my life as a fishermen working hard and spending hard to gain distance for nothing. It paid dividends for me. My two cents. Below is a link with a short video of a guy letting a Zziplex eat. Its a conventional setup. He can throw all day because he's not working hard. The rod is doing the work. Make sure you get rubber tubing for your thumb!!!!!!!