Re:heaver question

From: WarthogSC
Date: 4/28/2021
Time: 2:53:37 PM


I'm pretty certain that is a "slider." The reel can be moved up and down the butt to accommodate the desired goal. I have a buddy who moves his reel around on his Zziplex like what you see in the video. I personally don't that. I've always stayed with a fixed reel seat. I just made darn sure I had that sucker where it needed to be when the build commenced. Another reason I never got into the sliding concept is that I moved away from conventional reels and went to spinning. I lost maybe 10 yards of distance but I didn't have to fool with trying to lay the line back onto the spool at night while trying to fight a fish and it also obviously eliminated the overspin / birdnests. In my opinion, a major drawback of getting distance with a conventional reel is that the level-wind has to come off the reel, if you're really serious about letting the reel free spin during the cast. It takes a bunch of practice to finally get it right, again, especially in the dark. Night fishing, particularly night distance fishing, is definitely one of the most challenging things I've ever undertaken to do. Takes a ton of commitment and practice to become proficient at it. I helped Sufix out quite a bit by replacing all the dang line I bought. And, as you know, braid crawls in your wallet like no nobody's business.