30Apr-still fishing- Fishing report

From: Apeofthesurf
Date: 5/2/2021
Time: 3:28:03 PM


Got here Friday first line in the water got a 44.5 north of the cabins. Caught some decent sized seamullet, then the sharks showed and started taking my 8oz weights and rigs one by one. Saturday we fished north again and picked up a nice slot fish which we turned into dinner along with the sea mullet. Today we fished north again and the teeth showed up, decided that it was time to get some piercings and some tackle back. Tied on about 6 feet of 120 to my shock and threw some wire on to put some pressure on them. Beached two 60 pound+ toothed tackle thieves and my pops picked up a nice speck for dinner and a few spots in the mix for fresh cutbait. So far we have been doing pretty good, more fishing today tomorrow and Tuesday. Ill update if we get into some better fish.