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Earl and the Moon effects

From: Tiderunner
Date: 9/8/2022
Time: 4:34:52 PM


Even though Hurricane Earl will stay about 1,000 miles offshore, the Outer Banks and CALO will still feel the effects of it.
"Strong, long period swells from distant Hurricane Earl will be arriving along the North Carolina coast over the next few days. These swells will combine with the high water forecast along North Carolina beaches to create dangerous rip currents through early next week. In addition, the Moon will be at perigee (the closest to the Earth in its orbit) on Sept 7th and the full moon will occur on Saturday, Sept 10th. Both of these Lunar events will make the high tide a little higher than normal. The combination of the swells and elevated tides will bring water higher on the beaches than it would during a regular high tide. Campers should be especially mindful of higher tides when selecting camping locations, and swimming is strongly discouraged due to the elevated rip tide risks."

There are two other disturbances well out in the Atlantic but I don't expect them to cause more problem than Earl.
I will not be posting after Sunday, I will be offline and on the beach.

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