Re:Drum Rig Swivel Choice, question

From: Junior
Date: 9/15/2022
Time: 3:50:02 PM


Get your point. I like to use the power clip because it is so easy to remove/add the sinker on to the rig.

Anybody got any inputs on should you use a bead and it’s location. I

Here is my rig from line to hook.

Using a thumb knot or nail knot I like to make about 6 inches or less of doubled up line. This give me a double line to tie to the shock leader. Using 40 pound big game Berkeley for the shock leader I tie the shock leader on to the double line using Uniknots. I always make six loops with the running line and then three twist with the shock leader. Using some saliva to wet both these knots I tighten them up and them pull the, together with a quick pull. This is the critical step to get right.Trim off the tabs and you are good. If I have time, I will use a little super glue around this knot. It seems to help the knot go thru the rod guide smoother.

The length of my shock leader is with at least three wraps around the reel spool and with the length you like to throw hanging down from the rod tip. Usually for me it is about half way down the rod past the rod tip.

Now…….sometime I will put a bead on then slip on a swivel with the power clip attached to the swivel. I use a medium heavy swivel here. I think it is rated at 150 pounds….??? .

Then I tie on my hook. I like Owner hooks with the same swivel used before. The hook is tied to the swivel using 100 pound test and as short as I can make it. Usually about 4 inches give or take .

So running line, double line loop using two uniknots. Bead, swivel with clip for weight, swivel then hook.