Re:Question for Devin

From: devin
Date: 9/22/2022
Time: 7:48:33 AM


Drum fishing is a waiting game a lot of the time. Some nights you know when you get out of the truck based on the conditions that you will be fishing all night for only a couple of bites if you are lucky. That is why having confidence in your rig, line and tackle is so important. Its hard to stay up all night without confidece. When you finally get that bite, you want to know that unless you mess up, your stuff will hold up. Being able to cast your rig as far as possible is another consideration in how you elect to tie it. The shorter the bite leader, in theory, the less wind resistance on the cast. I see alot of fishermen prefer a one to two inch leader just for this purpose. Kevin has started tieing some of his rigs where the bait rests right against the sinker for maximum distance into the wind. I prefer about a three inch bite leader because I like the idea of it being able to move around a little while fishing. In my mind that little bit of movement has the potential to get their attention without much trade off on the cast. That being said, I have copied and pasted from my earlier post on how I tie my rigs below. I do not like the idea of tying your bite leader directly to the shock leader. A small swivel will greatly help you eliminate line twist which is a nightmare. I personally do not like the idea of a metal swivel sliding on my shock leader. Buy some quality fishfinder rigs with a plastic slide and a snap that is easy to open.
I have no problem with crimps but a lot of people prefer snelling. I tie so many that snelling takes way too long and offers no advantage if you crimp correctly.
My lines of choice for my bite leader is P Line, all though I have confidence in most mono's in the 125# class. My choice for shock leader is Suffix Superior, only line I will use for this. My choice for main line is Suffix TriTanium Plus...only line I will use for this. My hooks are most often a 7/0 Gamakatsu but I have no problem with an 8/0 gami, but it has to be one or the other. I like the 7/0 best because I feel the slightly smaller diameter of the hook allows for a little easier penetration.

My rigs are just a small 150# swivel crimped to about 3 inches of 125/150# mono that is again crimped to a 7/0 or 8/0 gamakatsu circle hook. Above that is a slip sinker attachment that is threaded onto the shock leader before tying to the swivel of the drum rig.
Good luck to all. Looking forward to seeing everyone tournament week. Glad to hear the north end is back open.