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Pictures from days gone past

From: Junior
Date: 1/20/2023
Time: 5:18:23 PM


Have been looking at some old old pictures over the past few days. Some are 40 years gone past.

Can remember the ones that got away and some epic trips. College buddies, old friends, team mates, and friends of friends that our paths crossed only on the fishing trip.

Captains from Dave Nagel, Norman Miller, Eagle Don McAuther, Rom Witaker, Steve Couliter [creature), Bull Tolson. Now thatís a wide range of personality and skill sets. But I learned a lot from each one and enjoyed the trips. Even the one where I broke some ribs in 8 foot swells being a fool. Ohhhh and the best Captain Don Morris.

Been fun to look back. During these slow months trying to keep the board fun.

Heard yesterday of schools of puppies right off the beach near the lighthouse. Some of my best memories are this time of year. After a few warm days, the drum come up on the shallow water to warm up. You can sight cast to them and see many fish in a wave. Gin clear water.

Is there a reason why the cabins close down? This would be a great time to be on island I think. Going to wader up next week and walk the beaches here in Wilmington.

Pull out the old pics and call up a old fishing buddy to rehash the old times. Might get you thru under March 10th.

Tight lines,