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Re:Pictures from days gone past

From: Fishhog
Date: 1/25/2023
Time: 2:52:48 PM


Yeah. Me and my fishing buddy Raymond were going over to South Core that morning. The Captain Alger was delayed due to the high wind. We could see and feel the storm going by from the Davis Shore. The storm went by relatively quick. By noon or so, the wind was stiff but OK for a seasoned captain on Core Sound. It was choppy water all the way and seemed to get worse closer to the island. landing at the dock, it was all the Captain Alger could do with its' twin screws to make the turnaround at the dock and secure the boat. The water was too high to offload trucks, so they sat there and waited. We were walk-ons as Raymond's F250 with slide-in camper was in the long-term parking. I had packed my waders, but I had not planned to wear them on the boat. I was the only one wading off the boat. Wading on water nearly up to my crotch... I started Raymond's truck and drove it to the water's edge at the dock. I got Raymond's waders out of his truck and carried them to him on the Captain Alger. He and I then wadded together through the water to his truck. We were good. On the island together, on dry ground, fully provisioned and just thinking about going fishing,