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Re:Pictures from days gone past

From: Junior
Date: 1/25/2023
Time: 5:41:07 PM


Nice…… always remember these types of trips.

Just when the cellphone craze was starting (and yes mine did not work while on the island) we got a call from the mainland. A bad squall line was headed out way from the south. All was good on the island, so we did not think too much of it. Fishing at the point was good. Puppies and blues. Most of the crew headed back to the cabins as the southern sky was turning dark. Me? I stayed there with one buddy catching a few fish.

Well when it started raining it was about two minutes of rain until the heavens opened up. Hard rain. We looked around and everyone had left the point. Not a soul in sight.

I figured it was a good time to mix a stiff cold one and get prepared to head back to the cabins. A nice easy drive back. Crack…..the lighting bolts where near and it started blowing hard. Don’t you just love driving in lighting with 12 foot poles sticking up in front of the truck. It got so bad that we stopped and refreshed our beverages. Decided to sit this out and wait till it went past us. About 10 more refresh moments we decided we needed to stay where we where and just camp there. The storm line had pasted but the wind was blowing hard. Made the best of it…..and couple of nice ham and cheese sandwiches and 10 more refresh moments and it was time to take a nap. I slept in the front seat of my truck. A little stiff the next morning but all was good. Our buddies said the cabin was rocking when the squall line pasted over.

Glory days I say…..

Tight lines,