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Re:Pictures from days gone past

From: JimmyW
Date: 2/2/2023
Time: 8:31:22 AM


WOW that brings back some memories , I was on Ocracoke staying in a house on the back side of the Island it was crazy !!! The Coast Gaurd Station was reporting winds that night that gusted to 96 MPH , unreal , got out the next morning and the dock that was behind the house didn't have a plank on it , I was in line that morning and got off the Island around noon, my Dad and the rest left the next day and the line was already 6 mile up the Island and yes he said he was afraid he was going to run out of beer ! actually think he had to ration them . Thanks for the post tiderunner it brings back a lot of memories ! Oh and by the way that day before the blow we wore the Puppy drum out , it was EPIC ! Good Times !
Tight lines!