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Short trip

From: Threegals
Date: 9/8/2023
Time: 7:51:37 PM


Went by myself Wed, Sept 6. Was to come off Saturday at 10. Fished south of the light house to the point. The jetty was blocked from about ramp 44. Wed. tried about 5 spots. Never got a bite. Could not find sand fleas. Used shrimp and frozen finger mullet and some fresh cut bait Did not fish at night. Fished Thursday same spots. Still no bites, no sand fleas. About 2:00 made my way to the north side of the light house and first cast a nice whiting. Ended up catching 7 but only 3 keepers, all on cut shrimp, tight line, holding rod , and set the hook after first feeling the fish. Had drum rigs out and never got a drum bite. Lots of crabs messing with the drum stuff. I was sleeping in my truck which was impossible it was so hot. Thursday night I slept under my truck!!! Engine indicator light came on this morning and after going over all my systems, I couldn’t find any problem. I was still worried that something was wrong with my truck and I was on the island 5 hours away from home with deer hunting season in SC coming SOON, so I got off a day early, got some good folks in Ottawy to read my code error. It was catalytic convert concerns. I thanked them, paid a modest fee and headed to the house and a BED !