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Here are some fish pics........Click the Pic to View Full Size!!
2005 Fishing (& other) Pics 

Phillip Willis and Lanier Mitchum (Ironhead)
caught these on 12/28/05 between the Camp and North End!!

Email your fish (or unusual?) pictures (with short-story) to  tom@drumwagon.com!!


Pic of my son, Josh, on our first trip to CALO. 
Proud of his first of
many drum during the weekend!
(Out fished his ole' man)
Greg Mills

Here are some pictures from our trip in early June.
We were fortunate enough to run up on a huge sea
turtle on our way back from night fishing.
(Ryan Smith)

Here are pictures of 5 citation drum caught Oct. 14-16. 

hey guys....here are some pics from Tuesday 10/18.....sunrise was awesome....and who knew this guy could really catch a fish?
....the seahag
That's Chris for those who couldn't tell!!

Hey Tom,
This is Carlene Wilson ...aka. Lady Gater. I just want to get this photo to you to post.  I finally caught a big one while Gater was off talking to the neighbors (one of his favorite past times) caught 6/11/05 ...51". also caught a 31" red drum that morning. Otherwise fishing was very slow...but this one especially had made my year...Many thanks for the website...hope to see ya at the tournament. 
Thanks again.
Carlene Wilson

As slow as fishing was Memorial Weekend, we still managed to catch
something nice. Glenn Thornton, (Hippie), caught this
May 27th at ramp 30. It weighed 14 lbs.
Thanks for the great web site.
Mike Wood

I caught these three fish May 14, 2005.  My 4 year old daughter and six year old son were there to help me out.  My wife was operating the camera.  This was the first time they have made the trip to the island with me.  That makes these fish a little more special for me.
The fish were 46 to 48 with 26 to 27 girths.
Thanks for the web site I really enjoy it.
Martin Powell

This drum was caught Thursday night 4/28 on PI by Tommy Souther. Weighed in at 43lbs.
Anne Beeson (SeaHag!)


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