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2012 Fish Pics
Here are Tiderunner's Pics and story of his stay on the Island
through Hurricane Sandy in Oct-Nov 2012........
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We went over to Cape Lookout on Oct. 24th just as Hurricane Sandy was coming ashore in Cuba.
The Sound was slick cam and the beach on the east side was the prettiest I've ever seen it.


One pretty hole after another and tons of sand fleas on the beach.  Looking to the west on the afternoon of the 25th we noticed ominous Sun Dogs around the sun in late afternoon which are never a good sign.

A ranger from the park service came by about dark and told us everyone who wanted off the island should go to the ferry dock and leave as the ferries would stop running the next day. I called park headquarters the next morning and got permission to stay on the island and camp in the old long term lot down in the village area. I'd stayed there through many storms and knew we'd be safe as it's located at one of the widest parts of the island and has several feet of rise over sea level. Water never came near us from the ocean but it did creep up the back road from the sound at high tide. Still the wind was knocked down by the cedars and pines in that area and we all got a good rest and read a couple good books while waiting for the storm to pass.

 The park service and the Davis Island ferry people called and checked on us daily through the storm.
We watched the Barometer drop to 29 inches and the wind topped out about 50 knots.

Super Storm Sandy was no big deal on Lookout, it did leave behind many unusual sights and a beautiful sunset.

We were told to stay with our tucks and not leave the lot until the day before the park was to open, then we were told we could walk. So, Tom and I and Big Dog walked out to the cape three miles away. The beach had been swept clean and allot of shells had been thrown up on the beach, also a lot of Studebakers, Nashs, Desotos and Packereds and other junk had been uncovered on the beach. Don't forget almost all the dunes on Cape Lookout are man made and most have old junk cars as a foundation.

When the Ferries started running again on Nov. 1st we were allowed to drive again, there were lot's of small puppies at the Jetty which was the only side of the beach you could fish, little did we know, it was going to stay that way the rest of the month.

On Nov. 5th the wind laid down to only N15-20 and our crew had a great day on the West beach with
false albacore catching 14 in only a couple hours.

On the 8 & 9th the wind once again laid down to N 15-20 and we had a couple great days with speckle trout, unlike most years when the first to show are small then they get bigger, this year was just the opposite.

As always it was a great time even if it did blow more than I can ever remember, during the 28 days we were there it
blew over 20 knots 21 days. Still great friends like Ragman bringing his awesome Sushi spread for the gang


and others who fished with us made it a great and unforgettable trip.

Here are a few of those sights  you can only find on a wild island like Cape Lookout.

Here is what the East beach looked like as we drove north to Great Island Camp to head
home which is very much what it looked like after Isabel and Irene.

Hopefully with a calm winter and summer it will build back and those beautiful holes, bars and slews will be there again next spring.

Thanks again to the NPS, the Davis Island Ferry service, and Tom for making all this possible.  



(Thanks to TR for letting us post/host his story here!! tom@dw)

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